The longer I practice Krav Maga the more I realize this journey is less about the techniques and principles you learn and more about self discovery. You discover what you’re willing to do to survive. – MICHAEL HARRIS


Krav Maga is more than a fighting system, its a survival system. You should be well trained not just in hand to hand, but other areas as well such as firearms, knife fighting, first aid, navigation,etc. The knowledge you possess the more likely you are to survive a number of undesirable situations. – KMS


STAY OFF THE GROUND AT ALL COSTS! Contrary to what wrestlers and jiu jitsu practitioners believe, the ground is a very bad place to be.How many people can you fight on the groundat once? Most people do not attack alone. What if a weapon like a knife is brought out? Attempting to submit or pin … Read more


Mindset and aggression are the foundation of any good “self defense” system. You can learn hundreds of techniques but if you lack the mindset to do whatever it takes to stay alive, you are already dead.Technique without the proper mindset is useless. Mindset and aggression will always make up for lack of technique. But technique … Read more


Violent attacks come out of nowhere. They came fast, hard and unexpected. Because of this you MUST escalate the situation. In order to flip the tables on your attacker you must become more violent than the attack itself. You must hit harder, faster and more times in order to stay alive. – KMS


Krav Maga Is NOT A Sport / MMA / Etc. Krav Maga is a combat system designed to save lives. In Martial Arts / MMA / Etc it’s always one v one.You can win by knockout, submission, points,etc.There are strikes that are not allowed and a ref for safety. In a real world violent attack … Read more


Don’t Stop ‘Till The Body Drops. – KMS


Krav Maga Training Is Tough.When You Feel Like Quitting, Give Yourself 10 More Secs. For Those 10 Secs Go All Out. Harder Than You’ve Gone Before. Small Things Like This Add Up And Help To Build A Warrior’s Mindset. – KMS


Some In Krav Maga Focus Only On The “Jason Bourne”  Techniques. Things Like Gun Disarming, Knife Threats,etc. In Reality Every Fight Starts Or Ends (or sometimes both) With Striking.Striking Is A Crucial Element Of Real “Self Defense”. Every KM Practitioner Should Be An Effective Striker. – KMS